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I chose Body Clinic because I did not want a diet that starved me. I saw friends lose weight and gain it all back within a month on various yoyo diets, so I was looking for a diet that offered a permanent solution. The Skinny World Diet Program is a medical program based on a doctor’s findings. I lost 6.3 kg and 10 cm off my waist in 3 weeks.
What I liked about the Skinny World Diet Program was that I was never hungry. 
What I liked about Body Clinic was they had a program of education about what makes you gain weight, and what foods are bad for you.
It is now 45 days after the diet and my cholesterol and blood sugar are normal, my knees don’t hurt and my weight is still stable! Oh Yeah – and I look about 10 years younger.
— Susy Hutomo (knee pain – resolved). Suzy’s weight was still within 1 kg of her last weight day 1.5 years later.
I lost 9 kg in 30 days and I wasn’t even hungry.
— Christine M
This program was the only thing that ‘saved’ me from my physical and mental sadness. I was a girl trapped by my fat, now I feel free and proud.
— Carollynn D (unable to get pregnant, lost 36.5 kg in 7 1/2 months and soon after became a happy Mum)
I cannot believe how well this diet works. I lost 12 kg in 43 days (with a couple of cheats hee hum…) – last day weight was 79.6 kg. I’ve been very bad lately with my eating and drinking habits over Xmas and my weight is stuck on 79.6 kg!! AND my blood pressure is now permanently normal and people can’t get over how much younger I look. Thank you Skinny World.” ― Trudie Grove
— Trudie Grove

The Skinny World Diet Program, is a medical weight loss solution that enables dieters to lose up to 7 kg in 3 ½ weeks or up to 15 kg in 6 weeks – and keep it off.

Obesity is the leading preventable cause of death behind tobacco. Many conditions can be resolved or greatly improved simply by losing weight.  But as anyone who’s tried to diet knows, losing weight isn’t easy.

The standard approach to weight loss is eat less and exercise more which frankly doesn’t work because if it did, everyone would be hot and sexy … clearly they’re not.

The Skinny World Diet Program is a clinically proven safe, rapid weight loss solution. Dieters don’t experience hunger and exercise is not required. What’s more, 70% of Skinny World dieters maintain their new lower weight over the medium to long term without difficulty … Now that’s NEW!

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