I was referred to Dr. Norton at the Body Clinic by Dr. Thomas at the SOS in Cipete. I wanted to replace a set of orthotics that were prescribed in the US and had started to break down due to age / over use (sort of like me…). I am an active runner and triathlete and have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for many years despite varying attempts at medical treatment. The orthotics that I had been using worked fairly well but did not provide sufficient support to allow me to run more than 10k without significant heel pain / swelling the next morning.
Dr. Norton not only took me through an extremely detailed examination but also explained his approach in a clear and straightforward manner so that I could understand what he was doing and why (In his words… “Choking my tears”). At my second visit Dr. Norton fitted me with two sets of noticeably superior custom orthotics to work uniquely with my every day and running shoes. Since then I have been virtually pain free for over 8 months, despite multiple runs of 10, 15, and 21.1k. I have been greatly impressed with Dr. Norton’s wealth of knowledge and personal approach and would definitely recommend him to any athlete trying to overcome chronic foot pain and keep active.
— John Judson
I am so happy....The results have been better than I could have imagined..... I recommend the Podiatry services at Body Clinic to anyone with painful feet, legs, or knees. We won the tournament, so next year Indonesia will be in Group 1 again.
— Lavinia Tananta - Indonesia's No.1 Women's Tennis Player
Knowledgeable, great Service
Having somehow injured my foot, I searched for a Podiatrist having been told by the “regular” doctor the numbness would “go away in couple of days”
I arrived at the Bodyclinic and was treated to a “First Class” diagnosis session, lasting more than an hour, during which Dr Peter was able to see and explain the root couse of the numbness in my left foot. After taking many measurements and drawing many lines on my legs and feet it was established that “Orthotic” would relieve the problem with my feet and two pair were advised.
To speed up the process, casts were made of my feet and within a week 2 pairs of “custom orthotics” were ready, A pair for my everyday shoes and a pair for my sports shoes.
Now 4 weeks later, I have returned for a first check, and more measuring of angles and both pairs of “Orthotics” have been adjusted to improve the situation further.
The experience – To me now, it is like “Walking on air”, the support provided by the “orthotics” makes my everyday life much better, The original problem of Numbness is almost gone, and before seeing Dr Peter, I also suffered from pain in my lower back after standing for a long time and this has gone too.
Overal, Dr Peter, at the Bodyclinic provides an EXCELLENT service, he explains cleary the reasons behind the problem and how they will be solved. I would recommend the Bodyclinic to anyone having foot, leg, knee or back problems.
— Simon Goring, IE & MMW Manager, Michelin Indonesia
I was interested to lose some weight for several reasons - that my knees were hurting, due to osteoarthritis; and I have had a rather high cholesterol as well as high blood sugar reading for the past 10 years despite a mostly vegetarian diet, as well as a family history of diabetes.
Furthermore, I had not lost the weight I gained during my last pregnancy when I had my 3rd child at 43, and had gained a large “tummy”.
Body Clinic was my choice because I did not want a diet that starved me and it offered a permanent solution. I saw many friends who lost weight and gained it right back within a month of ending their diet.
Moreover, the diet was based on a doctor’s finding and Body Clinic would monitor my condition regularly.
As I went through the diet, I saw no hardship at all - my weight would drop 500g to 1kg every day and I felt satisfied with the meals as they consisted of protein (I stayed away from red meat) and a large helping of vegetables or salad twice a day.
By the end of the diet, I had lost 6.3kg, with 10cm off my waist.
What I liked about Skinny World diet was that I was educated about what made me gain weight, and about how to keep it off by monitoring those foods.
It is now 45 days after the diet and my cholesterol and blood sugar is normal, my knees don’t hurt, as much weight has been taken off them, and my weight is still stable at the weight that I ended the diet!
— Suzy Hutomo
Indonesia’s former No.1 Junior Golfer is accepted to DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois on an Academic Scholarship and to join the college golf program.
“I have been a patient of Body Clinic since I was 13 years old. I used to have heel pain after 18 holes of golf, but since wearing orthotics prescribed by Dr Peter Norton I have never had any more foot problems. It has really helped not only my stamina but my progression through the junior ranks in Indonesia as well as the USA – my best junior result was winning the East Golf Combined tournament in Salisbury, Maryland in July 2011. I look forward to joining the pro circuit as a representative of Indonesia.
— Adrian Halimi
My in growing toe-nail was causing me immense pain and in 20 minutes Dr Norton had fixed it - very professional and caring.
When I broke my ankle sky diving a week later there was only one place in Jakarta I knew I was going to. I wasn’t disappointed. I got my leg put into a soft cast, professional advice and care in English and amazing selfless on-going after care.
Thanks for everything guys.
— Hendry Smart
I promised to give you an update on my foot - well I sing your praises everyday. In fact the injury I have I had never heard of before but low and behold a girlfriend just did exactly the same thing - so you may well see her too in the not too distant future.
I walked off the plane back into New Zealand with no boot, no wheelchair assistance either! Since then I have been building up to long walks and now can get around with only a slight limp with the orthotics - but barely noticeable. Without the orthotics I am improving but still hobble along. I have not seen the surgeon since but am due for another Xray and meeting with them.
So thank you so much and I have your card tucked safely away for when I need it.
— Janne Malcolm, New Zealand
I want to thank Peter and Julie so much for their help in fixing my feet. I took up ballroom dancing when I was in Jakarta but experienced foot problems. A friend recommended Peter so I called him. It was the best phone call I have ever made. Peter made me some orthotics which enabled me to walk so much better and also to continue dancing. Recently I had a new pair of orthotics made which are even better. Peter has helped me enormously. Without his help, life would definitely not be the same. The attached photo is of myself and my dance partner at a recent competition.
— Gill Pickering, former First Secretary Immigration, Australian Embassy
Came here with back pain (lower), hip pain, knee pain and calf tightness. After orthotics fitted – lower back pain has gone. So has the knee and hip pain. Calves are much more flexible than previously. Impressed with the attention to detail and scientific approach. In my opinion, this is a much more thorough examination than I have had with other gait specialists. Many thanks.
— Quentin Freeman
I cannot believe how well this diet works. I lost 12 kg in 43 days (with a couple of cheats hee hum...) – last day weight was 79. 6kg. I’ve been very bad lately with my eating and drinking habits over Xmas and my weight is stuck on 79,6 kg!! AND my blood pressure is now permanently normal and people can’t get over how much younger I look. Thank you Body Clinic.
— Trudie Grove, South Africa Embassy Executive
The feeling of Body Clinic is like being in Singapore. I come here from Bali because I know it’s professional and comfortable and you are getting the best service.
— Yanti Widodo
Our daughter Abby has been doing amazing, everyone, including us is so impressed with the results of the two castings over the 17 days; it is amazing. Every day she is walking with her feet down and even started running on Friday and this weekend she was non-stop. She definitely benefited walking around with the 2nd casts for those 10 days, it is just amazing.
Most importantly, we REALLY are so thankful that we came to your clinic and thankful that Peter convinced us to go the route with the casting. We are thankful for the interns who advised us and all of your staff, they are GREAT!! It has made a HUGE difference and we KNOW that it has helped Abby immensely. I will be more than sure to talk about your clinic to my friends and colleagues. We were most impressed with your personal attention to our little daughter and your worries for her, (every time you called her "darling" I loved it). Abby is the world to us and we want to give her every opportunity in life for health, love and success. It was very hard to see her crying when having the casts put on, but we KNEW it was the right decision.
Thanks again and thank you for taking such good care of our daughter’s wellness.
— Keith Allerton & Jun Ko Agus
I never had problems with my feet again after went to you guys. Thanks.
— Anna-Marie Potgieter
I would like to express my thankfulness for the treatment that you have given in the Body Clinic. Previously I have suffered back pain and problems balancing. After a few weeks having treatment, I felt better with my back pain and gradually my balancing problem has reduced. Your treatment really helps.
Previously I had sleeping and eating problems too, however, at present they are gone.
Thank you for the treatment and care you have given.
May God bless you all. Thank you!
— Abdul Aziz, Operational Officer, PT Arcoma Timur
I am very grateful to Body Clinic for helping me with my flat foot and ankle pronation problem, which also eased my back and knee problems. I have had to wear “funny shoes” since I was a child due to my extreme flat feet. As an adult, I have had two foot surgeries, and had expensive orthotics made at some of the most prestigious university sports medicine clinics in the USA. While they have helped, they have all had flaws of one kind or another. Mostly those clinics simply measured the foot for arch support/orthotics, without doing a detailed bio-mechanical examination.
I was impressed with Dr. Norton’s thoroughness, and the quality of my new orthotics. After an initial period of getting used to them and strengthening relevant muscles, I can now walk for hours without any discomfort. My back pain is much improved after wearing the orthotics. After four decades of seeking out help for my foot problems, Dr. Norton’s assessment and orthotics are the highest quality I have yet encountered. I highly recommend Body Clinic.
— Ruth M Hall, Deputy Economic Counselor, Embassy of the United States of America