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Biomechanics and Orthotics

Podiatry is a modality specializing in the lower limb - foot, ankle, knee, leg and hip. Some of the conditions Podiatrists diagnose and treat are bunions, heel spur and plantar fasciitis, club foot, 'X' and 'O' legs, diabetic foot disease, various bone disorders or osteochondroses, upper body pain associated with flat or malaligned feet such as knee, hip or lower back pain to mention just a few.

There are 9 sub-specialities of Podiatry - Body Clinic offers adult and pediatric biomechanics, sports injury, management of the diabetic foot and percutaneous surgery for ingrown nails and warts.

Body Clinic employs the latest multi-camera motion analysis software to help identify abnormalities in gait and movement. Custom made orthotics are then prescribed and fitted to improve function and performance.

Did you know your feet will take you on a journey of around 128,000km during your lifetime?

That's about 3 times around the earth. If you're active in sports, you can add your training schedule.

Extra kilometers and biomechanical stresses caused by increased physical exertion make wear and tear on joints virtually inevitable.

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Ingrown Nails & Warts

Ingrown nails and warts are expertly managed conservatively under local anesthetic. Procedures are largely painless and resolve within days of surgery.


Podopaediatrics is the evaluation and conservative management of congenital, developmental and traumatic conditions affecting the foot and lower limb of newborns to adolescents

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Diabetic Foot

Diabetes affects the whole body, but the eyes, heart, kidneys and feet are most at risk. Management of foot ulcers requires accurate diagnosis and choice of treatment plan, investigation for infection and moist wound healing.

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Club Foot

The best method of correcting congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV or club foot) is the Ponseti Method of serial casting and subsequent bracing which has >95% success rate.

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