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Body Clinic Physiotherapists specialize in musculoskeletal, rehabilitation and sports injury. If you have had a surgery, a sports injury or sprain or strain, our Physios will get you back into shape fast by helping your body to heal itself safely, naturally, without use of drugs or surgery.

Physiotherapy assesses, maintains and restores optimal function.

If you have suffered a knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist or ankle injury we will help you get back to your game with a supervised rehabilitation and exercise program in our purpose built rehabilitation gym.

Scoliosis Program

Greek σκωλίοσίς [skoliosis] – def  “crookedness, is a lateral curvature of the spine >10 º in the coronal plane on a standing radiograph accompanied by vertebral rotation.

The prognosis of scoliosis depends on the likelihood of progression. The general rules of progression are that larger curves carry a higher risk of progression than smaller curves, and that thoracic and double primary curves carry a higher risk of progression than single lumbar or thoracolumbar curves. In addition, patients who have not yet reached skeletal maturity have a higher likelihood of progression (i.e., if the patient has not yet completed the adolescent growth spurt).

Protocols for management of scoliosis are changing in light of new research which suggests bracing is not effective. This appears to be on account of necessity to 'de-rotate' and decompress the spine in the sagittal and transverse planes first - i.e. manage the twisting before the sideways curvature. Hence the Body Clinic Scoliosis Program is based on the MIX, FIX and SET protocol.

Mix - entails softening tissue and muscle, remodeling and restructure of ligaments

Fix - requiring manual adjustments and application of orthotic therapy

Set - retraining exercises to hold corrections permanently

Research shows this approach achieves an average reduction of 62% / 17 degrees of the scoliotic angle after 4 to 6 weeks (Morningstar, Woggon & Lawrence (2004) “Scoliosis treatment using a combination of manipulative and rehabilitative therapy. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders).

If you or your child has scoliosis - make a booking with Body Clinic's Physiotherapy Department today.

Decompression Therapy for the Spine (DTS)

DTS is a non-surgical treatment option approved by the American FDA which effectively treats lower back pain, sciatica resulting from bulging and herniated discs or degenerative disc disease, and may even relieve symptoms in cases of relapsed or failed back surgery. DTS creates a negative pressure or vacuum inside the disc causing retraction of the herniation and improves flow of blood and nutrients which allow the body's natural fibroblastic response to heal and re-hydrate the disc. Traction and inversion alone lower intradiscal pressure from +90 to +30 mmHg. DTS is clinically proven to reduce intradiscal pressure to between -150 to -200 mmHg.

After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, our Physios will recommend a treatment and therapy plan including DTS tailored to your particular needs.

Kat Lenan treating Liverpool Football Academy's Ian Rush, Jakarta Dec 2010

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