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Welcome to Body Clinic Indonesia

Body Clinic is a unique practice offering Podiatry, Nutrition and Weight Loss serivces. We are dedicated to helping you find a healthier, seriously better you.

Podiatry is a medical modality that specializes in the foot and lower limb. We treat newborns to eldery patients. There are over 300 conditions a podiatrist diagnoses and treats. Some of the conditions commonly managed by podiatrists are flat feet, bunions, X and O legs, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, painful knees, hips and back, ingrown nails and warts.

There are around 9000 children born in Indonesia every year with clubfoot. Through our foundation Kaki Bali we help Indonesian Clubfoot babies walk.

Read More about clubfoot and how you can make a donation or sponsor a clubfoot baby's treatment.

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Indonesia has a complex and delicious cuisine. In recent years though there have been major changes to the standard Indonesian diet which now includes an unhealthy dose of Western fast foods, time saving processed foods, bad oils and sugar. This has resulted in a rapid rise in prevalence of overweight and obesity not only among adults but children also. The consequences of obesity are reflected in a high rate of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Through one–on–one or group education, Body Clinic empowers you to protect your family from diet related health problems.

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Find the Skinny in You

Lose up to 7 kg in 3 – 4 weeks or up to 20kg in 6 weeeks. AND KEEP IT OFF.

This program is the closest thing to an obesity cure ... and significantly improves health.

Book in today for a consultation at Body Clinic to find out how this program will work for you - 021–72783827.

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"Body Clinic Treats Indonesia’s NO.1 Women’s Tennis Player"
Lavinia Tananta, Indonesia's NO.1 tennis player won all three Group A Round Robin matches in the Federation Cup tournament in Thailand in February. Lavinia attributes her excellent performance to treatment received by Body Clinic’s Dr Peter Norton, Podiatrist who provided custom orthotics to improve performance and function. Lavinia said "I am so happy....The results have been better than I could have imagined..... I recommend the Podiatry services at Body Clinic to anyone with painful feet, legs, or knees. We won the tournament, so next year Indonesia will be in Group 1 again."