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PODIATRIST - biomechanics focus

Body Clinic is seeking a highly motivated podiatrist (ie. someone whose life revolves around their profession) who has a pleasant personality and good patient rapport, is personally interested and involved in sports and has the drive to succeed in the business of podiatry.

Body Clinic is primarily a precision biomechanics and soft tissue surgery practice (PNAs and blunt disection of plantar warts). The practice has about 3000 patients, approx 50% paeds; 60-70% local and 30-40% expats.

The scope of work includes serial casting and bracing for clubfoot, bracing for adducted gait, splinting and casting for toe walkers, lots of orthotics for the Asian flexible flat foot and upper body compensatory problems, especially knee. GT and diabetic foot consultations are discouraged owing to the plethora of much cheaper although non-professional competing services.

Body Clinic is seeking a podiatrist experienced and confident in adult and paediatric biomechanics with a desire to expand their knowledge and diversify their skill set. Training by Peter Norton, podiatrist will be provided in areas that the successful candidate is weak in.

It is a 6 day per week practice, full time position with a salary based on incentive.

The minimum contract will be two years with a three month probation period.

Start date depends on the successful candidate's timing for relocation.

Jakarta is a crowded and vibrant city with a high standard of living and many services that are not available in the West e.g. maids, drivers, cooks. It is only 1 1/4 hours from Bali and there are over 17000 other islands to explore. Indonesia has a classed society where relationships are paramount hence the need to network. However, it can be challenging especially for a trailing spouse should the candidate be relocating as a family.

If you feel you are the right person for the position or you know of someone else who might be, please pass this information on and forward your CVs with photograph and references to


Podiatry Professionals is offering exciting opportunities for:

- Female/ Male
- License / registration required
- Good nurse skills
- Desire to further education

General Requirements
- Fluent in English – oral and written
- Between 25 – 32 years of age
- Bright personality, creative, willing to work in a team,
- good communication skills, service oriented and accurate under pressure

Successful applicants will be fluent in English, be able to work in a team environment. To commence November 2008.

Submit written application and CV to The Manager at No later than 30 October 2012

For further information please contact the Practice Manager: