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Cancer Curing Diet and Lifestyle Plan

What causes cancer?

Cancer arises from a tendency to the disease in combination with being in contact with carcinogenic substances applied or consumed over many years. Cancer causing substances are found in foods that are over-cooked or preserved using artificial methods. Furthermore, harmful chemicals in our environment, over-use of medications, stress and pollution all contribute to a state of ill health.

Good nutrition is important for people of all ages. Ignorance in the area of nutrition at best is costly and at worst is deadly. The best and most effective ‘cure’ is to stop the problem before it takes hold.

If you have already been diagnosed with cancer, take heart, the Breuss Cancer Cure is one of the most effective protocols, reportedly with extremely good outcomes.

The Breuss Cancer Cure

This is based on a protocol developed in 1950 which comprises a 42 day fast with prescribed combinations of herbal teas and juice. This encourages elimination of metabolic waste and frees the cell’s membranes of protein build-up which suffocates the cell and prevents proper oxygenation. During the process of detoxification, the body is kept well nourished by the vitamins and mineral rich liquids.

The Teas

  1. Sage Tea – sage, St John’s wort, balm mint, peppermint
  2. Breuss Kidney Tea – horsetail, stinging nettle, knotgrass, St John’s wort
  3. Cranesbill Tea – American cranesbill

The Juice – beetroot, carrot, celeriac, potato, Chinese radish

During the first two weeks, patients experience a healing crises – a strong healing response indicating the immune system is working. Despite feeling unwell, this is a positive sign that your body is marshaling forces to combat illness. It is important that this response is not suppressed as it is critical to healing.

5 step solution to long term good health

  1. food choices are the first and most powerful line of defense against illness
  2. healthy weight is critical to good health and wellness - an obese person is an unwell person
  3. balanced pH of close to neutral is essential for maintenance of optimum health
  4. detoxification of organs and fat tissue is vital
  5. reduction of exposure to harmful chemicals is needed

Body Clinic offers a comprehensive nutritional, herbal and weight loss solution for a seriously better You.

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