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Body Clinic had its genesis when the principals, Dr Peter Norton and his wife Julie moved to Jakarta from Sydney, Australia in 2005 to establish Indoneisa's first podiatry clinic. Training programs for local doctors, nurses and technicians were developed to support delivery of services.

As operations grew new services were implemented including hair tissue mineral analysis, weight loss and nutrition.

Julie Norton is a medical business consultant and has sat as Podiatry adviser to the Indonesian Ministry of Health since 2010 for regulation of the sub-division of “Traditional Health” under which Podiatry was categorized through her efforts in July 2007.

Mission and Values

Body Clinic aspires to provide gold standard treatment especially for foot, gait and spinal disorders and to positively affect the lives of those we touch.

Our Club Foot program is the only gold standard Ponseti Method Serial Casting service in Indonesia. It is our aim to pass on these valuable skills to doctors throughout the country.

We take this opportunity to thank all our loyal patients and sponsors of the Club Foot program as well as many individuals in the Ministry of Health for supporting us and the development of lower limb services in Indonesia.

Meet Our Professional Team

Dr Peter Norton, Podiatrist Dip Pod MAPodA

Julie Norton