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Want to lose 7–10 kg in 3 to 4 weeks or 15–20 kg in 6 weeks? AND KEEP IT OFF....

How Does the HCG Diet Program Work

The HCG Diet Program uses a glycoprotein hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) which has been used successfully for weight loss since the 1950s.

In combination with a low calorie diet of 500 calories per day with no dietary fat or oil and daily application of HCG, your unwanted, abnormal ‘white’ fat will be burned and used for energy. If you stick to the protocol you can achieve a drop in weight of approximately ½ kilogram (1 pound) per day. AND you won’t even feel hungry.

Body Clinic guarantees genuine HCG in an easy to use cream application. It is supplied in a small metered therapeutic dose which you rub into your skin daily after showering.

After completing the HCG Diet Program your body will be reset for permanent maintenance of your new lower weight thus this program is the closest thing that exists to an ‘Obesity Cure’.

With other diets you first lose normal fat and then lean muscle if you are not exercising. As a very last resort the abnormal 'white' adipose fat reserves are targeted. By this time you will have become so weak, hungry and tired that you give up dieting. When you go back to normal calories all that unwanted fat plus more is regained. Does this sound familiar?

The HCG Diet Program can help you take weight off AND KEEP IT OFF PERMANENTLY without exercising AND WITHOUT FEELING HUNGRY! At the end of the program you will look and feel younger, have better health status - including blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol and men report better erectile function.

So what are you waiting for? Become a Seriously Better YOU!

Next Healthy Steps

Step 1 - Information

Our focus is to empower you with nutritional knowledge. We want you to know what you are eating in order to make better, healthier choices. So if you need more details about the HCG Diet Program call Body Clinic today on +62 21 7278 3827 to book an information session for you and your friends.

Step 2 - How much do you need to lose

Consider how much you need to lose:

  • if you need to lose up to 7kg – we recommend the 26 day HCG Diet Program
  • up to 20kg – we suggest the 43 day HCG Diet Program
  • if you want to lose more than 20kg you will need to do multiple programs – many people have, and the results are fantastic:
    • between your first and second round you will need to allow 6 weeks after completion of Phase 3 ‘Maintenance’
    • between your second and third round you will need to allow 8 weeks
    • 12 weeks between round 3 and 4
    • 20 weeks between round 4 and 5
    • 6 months between round 5 and 6

Step 3 - Working out the best time to start

Decide on your best time to start:

26 day HCG Diet Program = 68 days in total




43 day HCG Diet Program = 85 days in total





Choose a time that does not conflict with important social events or out of town holidays unless YOU can totally control your meals. Plan your life for the duration of the program.

Step 4 - Deciding which program to do

You can do the HCG Diet Program in the following ways:

  • In Clinic - Jakarta, Indonesia
    • daily e-contact with your consultant
    • weekly in clinic appointment for mentoring and measurements
    • personal appointment with Body Clinic medical consultant
    • 5 information sessions on nutrition and lifestyle
    • review of pre- and post- blood and urine tests plus muscle fat analysis
    • Phase 1 meals are available at additional cost
  • VIP - Jakarta, Indonesia
    • all the "in clinic" services delivered at your home or office
    • Phase 1 meals are included, preparation of which is done at your home or office
  • Remotely
    • you will need to book a Skype consultation with our medical personnel - call +62 21 72783827 to make a booking
    • if you have a chronic health condition or are on medication it is recommended you have a blood test with your local medical practitioner prior to commencing the HCG Diet Program

Step 5 - Registration and Payment

Once you decide to proceed, details on how to complete registration and payment will be supplied.

Step 6 - Access to member benefits

Once you have signed up to get started, you will be provided a member password and have access to comprehensive information about the HCG Diet Program, FAQs and Troubleshooting, more Slide Shows, Recipes, and suggestions for lifestyle changes that will benefit you and your family for many healthy years to come.

Step 7 - Go shopping

You will need to get your supplies :

  • digital weight scales

  • teflon double pan

  • digital food scales

  • oil free makeup and body care products

  • tape measure

  • food for Phase 1 Weight Loss
    • view our mouth watering recipes and have a couple of trial runs in the kitchen before your start date

Step 8 - Getting started

Your HCG will be supplied in clinic or shipped to you if you have chosen to do the HCG Diet Program remotely.

Commence Phase 1 Weight Loss

Starts with 2 to 3 days of gorging – this is really important, so don’t skip it or do it half-heartedly. It is a requirement that you ‘pig out’ on fatty food for those first couple of days… Skinny orders!

First day of gorging is when you start application of HCG, weigh yourself and log data daily online – weight, measurements, food, blood sugar level (BSL) (if you are diabetic)

Great results are guaranteed if you are good and stick to the 500 calories per day protocol the whole way through to the end of Phase 1

You can refer to our FAQs and Trouble Shooting as often as needed

The Body Clinic Doctor can also be contacted for personal advice so you stay on target

Step 9 - Phase 2 Stabilization

Get ready for Phase 2 Stabilization

You will need to make sure of exactly what foods to avoid during these 3 weeks as this phase is just as important as the weight loss phase. It is basically no starchy carbs or sugars which includes any processed foods containing these products.

Comprehensive information is at your fingertips in the member login area of this website.

Step 10 - Phase 3 Maintenance

Understand Phase 3 Maintenance

The last 3 weeks is a gradual process of reintroduction of starchy carbohydrates.

HOW DO I GET STARTED call +6221 7278 3827 now and find out more

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Suzy Darmawan , Jakarta

I was interested to lose weight for several reasons - my knees were hurting due to osteoarthritis, I had high cholesterol and high blood sugar for the past 10 years despite a mostly vegetarian diet, and a family history of diabetes. I chose Body Clinic because I did not want a diet that starved me. I saw many friends who lost weight and gained it right back within a month of ending their diet, but the HCG Diet offered a permanent solution. Moreover, it is based on a doctor's finding plus Body Clinic was able to monitor my condition regularly.

As I went through the diet, I saw no hardship at all - my weight would drop 500g to 1kg every day and I felt satisfied with the meals which I prepared myself. By the end of the diet, I had lost 6.3kg and 10cm off my waist. What I liked about Body Clinic was they had a program of education about what made me gain weight, and what foods are bad for you. It is now 45 days after the diet and my cholesterol and blood sugar is normal, my knees don't hurt and my weight is still stable! Oh Yeah – and I look about 10 years younger.

TG, Embassy Executive, Jakarta

I cannot believe how well this diet works. I lost 12kg in 43 days (with a couple of cheats hehum..) – last day weight was 79.6kg. I've been very bad lately with my eating and drinking habits over Xmas and my weight is stuck on 79,6kg!! AND my blood pressure is now permanently normal and people can’t get over how much younger I look. Thank you Body Clinic.

Julie Norton, Director PPL Holdings

I conducted my diet and weight loss as a science experiment caluclating and plotting everything that went in my mouth and every gram I lost. Firstly it amazed me that I was never hungry, secondly I lost weight exactly where it needed to come off and thirdly, I have maintained that weight without having to calorie count.

I am really impressed with the results and recommend the Skinny World HCG weight loss program unreservedly.

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