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Education and Training

Body Clinic has defined in-house induction and training programs for expatriate and local medically qualified staff.

All practitioners are required to attend Continuing Professional Development meetings weekly and take turns in presenting case studies or other material to colleagues.

Local clinical staff undergo rigorous up-skilling as can be seen below..

Nurse Education

The Podiatry Assistant Certificate Course - Biomechanics Module is delivered to in-house Indonesian Registered Nurses. It provides 480 course hours divided evenly between theoretical and practical studies delivered over 12 weeks.

At the conclusion of the course the participants will have an understanding of human lower limb anatomy and development as well as a basic understanding of its mechanics. They will be able to conduct a biomechanical assessment, discriminate between normal and pathological styles of gait, take a negative plaster cast of the foot as well as list physical properties of orthotic insole materials and relate these to ambulatory management of the foot. They will also be able to make basic adjustments to orthotic devices. In addition Foot Nurse Practitioners will be qualified in 'general treatments' - a medical grade pedicure using sharps to debride corns and callous.

The Podiatry Assistant Certificate Course - Diabetic Foot Module is also available for up-skilling registered nurses. It is designed to be delivered within a hospital setting. At the conclusion of the course the participants will have an understanding of human lower limb anatomy, ramifications of Diabetes Mellitus on the lower extremity, ability to apply and interpret tests and predict risk of disease as well as correctly diagnose and treat diabetic foot disease including removing callous, debriding and dressing ulcers. They will understand the importance of off-loading, early detection and rapid referral. They will be able to apply correct infection control techniques and instrument sterilization. They will also be able to deliver patient education on footwear, foot care and hygiene.

Physiotherapy Training

Local Indonesian Physiotherapy staff are supervised through a professional development program covering musculoskeletal, sports injury and post-surgical protocols.

Technician Training

On the job training in the form of an apprenticeship for Orthotic Manufacture Tehcnicians is provided to male staff with building experience or demonstrable aptitude.

Administration Training

On the job training in Practice Management is provided to staff with appropriate qualifications and office experience.



Courses for School Nurses and Coaches

Body Clinic periodically runs workshops and seminars for school nurses and coaches in Basic and Advanced Taping Techniques to up-skill school first aid services for management of sports injuries.

The taping courses cover anatomy, common conditions and taping of the hand, knee, foot and ankle, and shoulder. Focus is on practical application hence workshops are given priority coverage.

At the end of the course participants will be able to assess and diagnose the various conditions discussed and apply appropriate taping and techniques.

Body Clinic is committed to developing local knowledge and will continue to offer courses periodically such as these and others covering wound management.

For more information and details about the next course, contact the Practice Manager on 021 – 727 838 27.


International students of affiliated modalities who wish to apply for an internship at Body Clinic are invited to contact the Director on